Gift of Prayer

Helpful Documents

These documents are prayer resources that offer practical how-to suggestions to help develop and expand a ministry’s culture of prayer. Most are complete on one or two pages—for personal use or to share with others. Each document has a brief description.

"I absolutely love your articles. They are very informative, relevant, and useful." (Cindy Boase)

Worship Cards (15 pages)

Picture of Worship Cards (15 pages)

These cards have prayers of worship that focus on one of the names of Jesus. There are 60 cards, each with a different name and a simple prayer of worship using that name. The cards are ideal for group prayer. Everyone in the group should have one or more cards to use as a prayer prompt. There are 15 pages each with 4 cards. Available only as a free download on the “Helpful Document” tab.

Building a Personal Prayer Network (3 pages)

Picture of Building a Personal Prayer Network (3 pages)

Having prayer partners is important for everyone, but especially for those who are serving in ministry. Suggestions given here are clear, concise, and thorough.

Concert of Prayer: What is it? Why is it Important? (1 page)

Picture of Concert of Prayer: What is it? Why is it Important? (1 page)

Explains how and why a concert of prayer can turn group prayer into powerful and dynamic prayer times. Helpful information and perspective for any group who pray together.

Drawing Closer to the Lord (1 page)

Picture of Drawing Closer to the Lord (1 page)

Helpful tips for people who are desiring to begin—or become more consistent in maintaining—a daily Quiet Time.

Names of Jesus (3 pages)

Picture of Names of Jesus (3 pages)

These names of Jesus are the same names and Scripture verses found on the Worship Cards. Here, they are simply printed as a list, without prayer prompts.

Prayer Walking (1 page)

Picture of Prayer Walking (1 page)

Suggests ways to make prayer walking pleasant and effective for one or more people.

Praying Effective Prayers (1 page)

Picture of Praying Effective Prayers (1 page)

Who doesn’t want to pray effective prayers? And how many of us wonder if ours are? There is no mystery to praying well, and several key points are included in this concise article.

Praying for the Lost (2 pages)

Picture of Praying for the Lost (2 pages)

Offers specific suggestions with scriptures, appropriate to pray for anyone who is far from the Lord.

Praying Together (1 page)

Picture of Praying Together (1 page)

Tips for focused and energetic group prayer. Very practical, very effective suggestions.

Tips for Conversational Prayer (1 page)

Picture of Tips for Conversational Prayer (1 page)

Simple guidelines that can be shared with any prayer group. Practical suggestions to make the prayer time more effective and dynamic.