The Gift of Prayer

Help (FAQ)

What is the purpose of the Gift of Prayer? Why should I, my team or ministry engage in it?

The Gift of Prayer originated when a ministry came to us to ask for the tools to help staff and volunteers be stronger as they serve on the front lines. The idea is to help your team to stay strong and healthy spiritually so that they can be victorious in the battle. All of us can learn and grow no matter where we are in our own personal walk with the Lord. These prayer resources will help you to do that and find strength in the Lord and His mighty Power.

  • • Enrich your prayer lives and put priority on your own relationship with God.
  • • Pray God’s Word, the Sword of the Spirit.
  • • Empower your prayer times and unify your group.
  • • Learn about how to organize and manage a ministry intercessory prayer team.
  • • Develop a Culture of Prayer.
  • • Get help from a ministry whose focus is to help you with all of this.

Where do I start?

First of all, review our “Featured” section. Here you will find valuable resources that are essential. We suggest starting with the Ablaze Prayer Journal, a 4-week devotional. This resource will encourage you to focus on personal time with the Lord as you learn about His teaching on prayer. It can spark a fire, lighting the way to a deeper relationship with the Lord. We also have video studies, like Praying to Make a Difference, for whoever is ready to learn more.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of praying God’s Word. We have many Scripture Prayer Guides available that can help you pray scripture. When you pray His Word, you are praying His will.

Adding worship to your own personal and also corporate prayer times is something we know will empower your prayer times. Be sure to download Worship Cards or consider the I AM Worship Guide.

Scriptures for Victory is a vital tool to help you understand the battle, prepare for the battle, fight the battle and be victorious. Spiritual Warfare doesn’t have to be scary. But you do have to be ready. Watch the companion video with your Scriptures for Victory in hand as part of your preparation. We want you to be strong and healthy spiritually, and you can be!

We have other resources on how to develop your own personal or ministry prayer team, tips for prayer coordinators, how to lead prayer times and much more. Please check out the Helpful Documents in the Products Section.

That depends on what you choose to utilize on this site. There are many great resources available to download. Here are some materials that we recommend having hard copies in hand to use:

  • - Ablaze Devotional Prayer Journal
  • - Praying to Make a Difference Workbook or Facilitator Guide (if participating or leading the study)
  • - A Scripture Prayer Guide
  • - Worship Cards or I AM Worship Guide
  • - Scriptures for Victory

We recommend that you choose someone to facilitate. Your group can schedule viewing videos together each week with discussion afterwards. Or you can let each individual watch the weekly video on-line and complete required information. Then, the group could discuss it in the next meeting or prayer time. You may do a study as an individual, but doing it with a group might provide more accountability and meaning as you share struggles and victories with others.

A prayer coordinator can be responsible to shepherd the ministry staff. Tasks like organizing prayer requests, scheduling or leading video studies, leading prayer times, enlisting and managing a prayer team, ordering prayer materials and sending notifications and emails are very important to be done with consistency. Having a person who has the desire (a heart for prayer), leadership skills and time to coordinate these activities can make a tremendous difference in the outcome. With commitment and focus, your ministry can develop a Culture of Prayer.

Having an obvious, pervasive Culture of Prayer means that there is an expectation that staff and volunteers are maintaining a dynamic, close personal relationship with God. It means having regular corporate prayer times with someone leading. Prayer permeates everything the ministry does.

Within the Culture of Prayer an intercessory prayer team for the ministry is supported and encouraged. Staff and volunteers enlist personal intercessors to pray for them and their families. Plans and decisions are prayed through, as leaders learn to discern God’s guidance. As the Culture of Prayer develops, the peace and presence of God becomes more and more evident.

Yes! We are eager to assist you. We would love to talk to you about what you need, and then we can help you. Please send us your contact information and a brief description of what you need on our “Contact Us” page. You may also send an email to or call 1-888-395-PRAY (7729).