The Gift of Prayer

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Video Study Preview (clips from both studies)

Quiet Time

These videos provide a quick preview of the video studies available. There are short clips from weekly video sessions to provide a taste of each study.

Teaching Videos - Praying to Make a Difference

Teaching Videos - How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World

How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World

These 4 videos accompany the "How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World" video study. Each week, watch the unit video and follow along with the workbook.

Teaching Video - Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

This video teaches about spiritual warfare. Be sure to have a copy of Scriptures for Victory in hand or available on computer, tablet or mobile phone as you watch the video that contains page-by-page instructions and insight.

Product Demo Videos - How to Use the Resources Effectively

In-Service Training Videos

Culture of Prayer

These 5 videos have practical strategies for ministries to use in planning ways to help staff and volunteers grow stronger in prayer.

Documents to Download Free

Print Resources

Valuable documents available to download, including the Worship Cards mentioned in the video “Developing Strong, Effective Staff Prayer Times.”

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Print Resources

All of the prayer resources mentioned may be ordered with quantity discounts available. Please order materials from the 7 categories list below: