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A complete list of all prayer resources. Some may be downloaded. DVD videos are available online.

Ablaze - Prayer Journal

Picture of Ablaze - Prayer Journal

“Ablaze is a very powerful tool! A construction worker picked one up in our center, and as he read through it, he committed his life to Christ! As we’ve used this powerful tool as part of our prayer team, we’ve already seen powerful answers to our specific prayers!” (Lori DeVillez, Executive Director, Austin Pregnancy Resource Center)

This four-week prayer journal focuses on what Jesus taught about prayer. Establishes or strengthens a personal walk with God. Teaches journaling that is ideal for busy people with little time. Can be done individually or in groups.

Strength in Our Ministry - Prayer Guide

Strength in Our Ministry

“We gave this prayer guide to our board members last Christmas. They responded so well that they agreed to meet monthly in addition to board meetings—just for prayer!" (Bridgit Smith, Exec. Dir., PRC Lawrence, KS)

Guide has 14 prayers to strengthen staff and volunteers to pray with strength, know God’s will, receive God’s provision, serve as one, and more. Ask those who pray for your center to use this guide.

Mother-to-Be and Her Baby - Prayer Guide

mother and child

“We love to give these prayer guides to our clients. They are short, but full of God’s truth. They love it when we tell them that they can begin praying for their baby right now while they are pregnant.” (Holly Tate, Director of Client Services, Metroplex Women’s Clinic, Arlington, TX)

These prayers are written for the expectant mother to pray for herself and her baby. They are beautiful prayers, very simply written, ideal as a gift for clients in Pregnancy Resource Centers who choose life for their babies. They also make lovely intercessory prayers for mothers and their babies.

Praying for the Overwhelmed - Prayer Guide

Praying for the Overwhelmed

“My husband has been going through a very hard time, and I have been praying through this prayer guide for him. Thank you for making it available.” (Marti B.)

Who among us doesn’t feel overwhelmed at times? These prayer topics include prayers for when we feel: Overwhelmed, Confused, Worried, Helpless, Disappointed, Alone, Frightened. They also make strong prayers of intercession for others.

Praying for Guidance - Prayer Guide

Praying for Guidance in Decisions

“Your prayer guides are such a blessing! I need to share with you that I was going through a very difficult situation that needed a decision yesterday. The prayer that I read for the day was perfect and ministered to me in a very special way. Just wanted you to know that your prayer booklets are being used by God to encourage me and others.” (Mary Peek)

These guides will encourage anyone praying about making decisions. Topics include Be My Hope, Be My Counselor, Show Me Your Ways, Open My Eyes. They are equally powerful for intercession.

Praying for New Life in Christ - Prayer Guide

new life in christ

“I’ve loved praying these prayers over the years—because they are so strong. I hardly know what to pray if I’m not praying Scripture!” (Judy C.)

Guide has 14 Scripture prayers for those who seem lost or far from God. Helpful to pray over clients, family and friends.

Standing My Ground - Prayer Guide

Standing My Ground

“Practical and powerful, based on God's Word! It gives me confidence to face challenges in God's strength." (Claudia Adame, Chief Mission Officer, e3 Partners )

We are all engaged in a spiritual battle, and we need to be ready. These prayers will help you pray on the armor of God and be prepared to win!

Make My Family Strong - Prayer Guide

Make My Family Strong

“Thank you for creating these prayer guides. I pray a page aloud each morning from several of them, including this one. I have been so blessed by these prayer guides!” (Theresa Nichols)

We all know that our families are under attack and living in a culture that works against us. These are strong prayers to cover your family with God’s Word. This prayer guide is an ideal gift for intercessors, who can pray the prayers for themselves as well as for you and your ministry.

Prayers for Husbands and Wives - Prayer Guide

Picture of Prayers for Husbands and Wives - Prayer Guide

“Nothing brings a couple closer than consistently praying together. We’ve seen countless couples learn to pray using these prayer guides, which are incredibly user-friendly and life changing.” (Dewey Wilson, Strong Marriages)

The strongest bond in human life is the one that ties husband and wife under the power of God’s Spirit. And this bond is under attack from the world, the flesh and the devil. Take these 14 prayers to heart and bring God’s blessing to your spouse daily.

How to Grow in Your Prayer Life Handbook

Picture of How to Grow in Your Prayer Life Handbook

Practical help for every aspect of your prayer life is right here. Contains 30 concise how-to articles in three sections: Practical First Steps, Making It Easy to Pray with Others and Going Deeper, Growing Stronger.

Praying to Make a Difference - Workbook

Praying to Make a Difference - Workbook

“It empowered us. It unified us. It gave direction when we didn’t even know we needed it! We all know the importance of prayer; this helped us to be purposeful and intentional in our staff prayer times. It unified us in a way that only God can accomplish. There is nothing more important to prepare us for the work we have to do in our centers!” (Carolyn Cline Hollis, President/CEO, Involved for Life, Dallas, TX )

This eight-week study has proven effective in helping to deepen a personal relationship with God. The daily devotionals and weekly videos focus on what Jesus taught about prayer. The facilitator guide makes leading discussions in a small group easy. The videos, available under the “Teaching Videos” tab, allow individuals to complete the study on their own.

Praying to Make a Difference - Facilitator Guide

Praying to Make a Difference - Facilitator Guide

“I encourage you to use this life-changing study on prayer. Those who have gone through Praying to Make a Difference with us have grown in their prayer lives! Comments include: ‘Such an eye opening study on prayer!’; ‘This study was so encouraging and has given me a deeper understanding of prayer’; ‘My prayer life will forever be changed because of this study!’” (Donna Proctor, Executive Director Cherokee Pregnancy Center, Gaffney, SC)

This facilitator guide is so complete that it is easy for anyone to lead a group through the study. Questions for discussion of the videos and workbook lessons are included—and several anticipated answers are provided.

Praying to Make a Difference - DVD Set

Picture of Praying to Make a Difference - DVD Set

“Several of us have completed the Praying to Make a Difference study, from staff, prayer team members and one supporter. Everyone loved it, and they would like to do it again! We had great discussions and times of encouragement. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this!” (Carol Nelson, Client Services Director Pregnancy Resource Center of Cambridge/Lex Specialty Clinic) 

DVDs have eight 20-minute videos, one for each week. Videos are also available to view on this website under the “Teaching Videos” tab.  With that tab you will also find a 10-minute preview video there with clips from each session.

How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World - Workbook


“We just completed the ‘Quiet Time’ study, and it was wonderful!! Years ago, after a divorce, I wandered away from my quiet time for 15 years. …Since the study, I can again hear God calling me in the mornings as He once did. Thank You!” ” (Barbara C.)

This four-week study includes not only listening for God, but journaling to remember what you have heard. It offers a journaling method that is effective and efficient, ideal for busy people with limited time. The videos, available under the “Teaching Videos” tab, allow individuals to complete the study on their own.

How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World - Facilitator Guide


“Thank you so much for writing your study on How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World!!! Thank you for showing me how to have a productive relationship with God. If it was not for your study, I would have never known God as my best friend.” Crisp Family

Like the other facilitator guide, this one is turn-key simple so that anyone can successfully lead a group through the study. Questions are provided, along with answers one might expect.

How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World - DVD

Picture of How to Have a Quiet Time in a Busy World - DVD

“I had felt a hunger to have a deeper, more fulfilling quiet time. This study really helped me. I intend to use the simple, direct method of journaling from in the workbook well beyond the study.” (Carolyn Cline Hollis, President/CEO, Involved for Life, Dallas, TX)

DVD has four 20-minute videos, one for each week’s study. The videos are also available to view on this website under the “Teaching Videos” tab.  With that tab you will also find a 5-minute preview video there with clips from each session.

I AM — God’s Self-Portrait in 100 Brush-Strokes


“I love the I AM worship guide!!!   I was blessed to teach at a men's conference in Kabale, Uganda where we used it. Being able to teach on God’s great names, majestic attributes, and His glorious promises laid a solid foundation for this entire day of teaching on prayer and how to study God’s Word. I am so thankful for your work and greatly recommend this worship guide.” (Ron Kelley, Director PBC Foundation, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, TX)

For personal or corporate worship, this worship guide contains a combination of 100 of God’s names, attributes, and promises with verses included. Each section provides practical ways to use these names, attributes and promises to enhance one’s prayer life.

Scriptures for Victory - Resource for Spiritual Warfare


“My Scriptures for Victory is marked and highlighted on nearly every page. It helps us understand that spiritual warfare is the norm for a member of the Body of Christ. Through the Scripture, God has given us many weapons to use in combat with evil. This guide arms us to trust that our power lies in the Word of God and the Power of God to restrain, resist, and overcome the enemy in daily life.” (Mary Margaret Gibson, Ministry Director, EvanTell, Save the Mother, Save her Child, Dallas, TX)

We are told to stand our ground in prayer against the powers of darkness, but what are we to pray? Your staff, volunteers, and prayer team will find this resource extremely useful, with pages of sample prayers and verses of Scripture—and practical suggestions for how to use them.

Ephesians - Handbook for Spiritual Warfare

Picture of Ephesians - Handbook for Spiritual Warfare

“The women's Bible study group at our church recently completed a study of Ephesians. At our final session, copies of this piece were given to the hundreds of women who attended. Thankful for your prayer leadership!” Kathleen Flynn

Your staff and volunteers will greatly appreciate having this power-packed
tri-fold to help with personal and corporate spiritual preparation. It provides a succinct summary of Ephesians which tells us who we are in Christ, how we are to live, and how we are to put on the full armor of God to stand our ground in prayer.